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Teacher Spotlight: Lauren Hancock

Posted by The AltSchool Team

Dec 4, 2013 11:30:00 AM

photo-8In our teacher spotlight series, you may have met Sarah and Carolyn. Now you’ll get a chance to spend a little time with our newest teacher, Lauren Hancock.

A Sit-down with Lauren

Lauren has been teaching for 14 years. She most recently served as the Lead Pre-K Educator for Google's Family Programs, where she headed up the teaching team and developed the curriculum. Lauren also created a Pre-K community-based learning program and a program for parents about children's social and emotional development.

Lauren, what attracted you to AltSchool?

"Without a doubt, the AltSchool model of child-centered learning and a project-based curriculum drew me in. These approaches work hand in hand to foster children's deep understanding of content and make connections across other areas of learning."

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

"Seeing children find joy and love in their learning. Seeing them maximize their potential by navigating a problem and overcoming a challenge. Watching them master something they never thought they could and catching that moment when they are truly successful in their own eyes."

Tell us about your favorite teacher growing up. How did this teacher help shape who you are today?

"While in elementary school, I fell behind in reading, spelling and writing. Mrs. Patterson, my fourth grade teacher, encouraged me to catch up. She believed in me and pushed me to try my best. She showed me that I did have the skills -- I just needed to practice and put in the time to become better. I stayed after school a few days a week so that she could give me additional guidance. She taught me that all children have the ability to do great work. Sometimes it just takes that one teacher to make an impact a child will carry for life."

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